Woodside International School Field Trip to the California Academy of Sciences

Last month, Woodside students went on a field trip to the California Academy of Sciences. Here are some students’ experiences on the field trip:

  • My experience at the Academy of Sciences was really good. I thought I learned a lot about new things that I didn’t know in the past. I also enjoyed getting to take a look at the birds which was really cool. Overall I thought my experience was really [good] because I think I learned so much after I haven’t been there for so long. It felt nice to be back to some place after four years. Overall I am going to say my experience was actually really amazing.
  • This is the first time I went to the scientific laboratory to inspect and observe. It surprised me. Various animals and plants, colorful birds, penguins and various statues. Many creatures are things I have never seen before. Happy. The time is always short. We watched the video together, and the good day ended with everyone’s laughter.
  • On 11/15/19, my classmates and I took a field trip to the Cal Academy of Sciences, which will never get old. Ever since I was a toddler, I’ve been visiting The California Academy of Sciences annually, sometimes more than once throughout the year, and I’ve always enjoyed it. Although I’ve been to majority of the exhibits, I still enjoy seeing my favorites, such as the Albino Alligator and the aquarium portion of the museum. I find the Academy’s unique environment appealing. From the live penguin exhibit to the Rainforest and the Planetarium domes, these aren’t things you’d see in your average science museum. My favorite part of this field trip was the Expedition Reef show at the Planetarium, which takes the audience underwater. The show gives you a better idea of how coral reefs function and provide homes for various sea life. I’ve been to the planetarium numerous times, but I’ve never watched anything that wasn’t related to space. The broadcast was very informative and the arched screen added more to the immersion. I’ve had many memories of going to the Academy and I look forward to making more in the future.
  • On November 15, 2019 the High School known as Woodside International School went on a field trip to The Academy of Science. Upon arriving, the two teachers present, Dean Church (the history, current events, philosophy, etc… teacher) and Justine Bui (the science teacher), gave their students each an assignment to complete and a schedule, which told them what they were doing on that day and when and where they are to meet up. The assignment, given to them, was to go to the Finch habitat area and observe their movements. The students were to write down the observations that they made. The students were to pick one of the Finch’s and write down the peaceful or aggressive interactions it had with other Finches. Otherwise the students were able to do whatever they wanted until the given time shown in the schedule. So when it was 12:30 all the students gathered together at the Planetarium, to watch the show. The students were brought inside the Planetarium and seated in a 35 degrees, tilted, stands. After sitting down in the stands for a while until the show began. After turning off the lights they turned on video. The screen was in the shape of a huge dome. The video was about the ocean. About the animals that lives in it, the plant life, the disasters caused by humans, and the ways that humans can fix it. Afterwards the students were taken out of the Planetarium and went to a nearby gift shop.
  • I’ve been there twice, and the things I see are basically the same, but this time I went with my new classmates, and I grew up, so it felt like something different. My favorite is the penguins and the butterflies in the rainforest. I believe there are birds in it but I don’t see them.
  • I think we can go to these places and visit them very well. I hope to visit more science museums to visit more animals in the future so that I can learn more.

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