After spending eight years at the same school, our son was extremely nervous about going to high school. Woodside International School made the transition easy for him. (Sophomore parent)

It provides a unique, nurturing learning environment where each student is valued.   (Sophomore parent)

This is my son’s second year at Woodside International School, and the level of attention he receives from teachers continues to impress me. (Sophomore parent)

Not only are we informed about how our son is doing academically, but teachers share their observations on how he’s developing as an individual. (Sophomore parent)

My son tells me classes at Woodside International School are interactive, and everyone is expected to participate in activities and discussions instead of just listening to lectures. Woodside’s curriculum resonates well with him, and he’s a lot more engaged than he was in middle school. (Sophomore parent)

My child enjoys interacting with international students, which provides a unique opportunity to him. (Sophomore parent)

Our son is applying to Stanford and St Mary’s College. His achievements are because of Woodside International School and their individualized approach. (Senior parent)

I learned a lot at Woodside International School and find that my Economics course at USF is easier for me now than [for] many of the students because I was so well prepared. (Graduate 2019)

I was very well prepared at Woodside. Learning calculus in math was particularly helpful  for my Macro Economics Course. (Graduate 2019)

Civics and Economics and Math class influenced me to choose Finance and Accounting for my major. Woodside provided an excellent base for me to build on for this course. (Graduate 2019)

I got personalized and individualized college counseling at Woodside that helped me to get into my first choice college. (Graduate 2019)

Published by Woodside International School of San Francisco

Woodside International School of San Francisco is a co-ed, college prep, UC-approved high school located just a block from Golden Gate Park, in the Inner Sunset. One of the best private high schools in San Francisco, we focus on custom tailored education, rigor, and preparing for a highly globalized world. Half our students are international and so we offer a very special sense of diversity and global community. What also makes this San Francisco high school unique is that we offer an individualized approach, with small class sizes (currently 8:1), and academic oversight as needed. Learn more at http://wissf.org today or call (415) 564-1063!

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