San Francisco High School

Are you searching for the Best San Francisco High School? Woodside International School — a unique college preparatory private high school in San Francisco. We create an inclusive, diverse, and academically enriching environment for local and international students. Our students come from a wide variety of ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds, creating a experience.

We are a WASC-accredited, UC-approved San Francisco High School. We offer a uniquely tailored focus on the college application process beginning in the first week of 9th grade and resulting in nearly 100% placement for our graduates into their top-choice colleges. Students can choose from multiple foreign languages, such as Japanese and Mandarin.

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San Francisco High School!

Published by Woodside International School of San Francisco

Woodside International School of San Francisco is a co-ed, college prep, UC-approved high school located just a block from Golden Gate Park, in the Inner Sunset. One of the best private high schools in San Francisco, we focus on custom tailored education, rigor, and preparing for a highly globalized world. Half our students are international and so we offer a very special sense of diversity and global community. What also makes this San Francisco high school unique is that we offer an individualized approach, with small class sizes (currently 8:1), and academic oversight as needed. Learn more at today or call (415) 564-1063!

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